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Alphonse "Owl" Capone: Gangster and "Modern Robin hood"
Born January 17, 1899(1899-01-17)
Best known for the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

Lesser Known Facts

Capone was one of nine children. His father was a barber and his mother was a seamstress.

Alphonse "Al" or "Scarface"
James Capone "Richard Two-Gun Hart"
Raphael Capone "Bottles"
Salvador Capone "Frank"
John Capone
Albert Capone
Matthew Capone
Rose Capone
Mafalda Capone (later Mrs. John J. Maritote)

He made various charitable endeavors using the money he made from his illicit activities.

He pulled the strings in the 1924 Chicago Mayer election, hiring thugs to harass voters at the poles.

He lost popularity with the public after he killed seven of his rival gang members in plain sight at the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. No one was ever brought to trial for these murders.

Capone was imprisoned for tax evasion, not mobster activities.

Capone died of a heart attack at 42. He also had syphilis. At his death, he had the metal capability of a 12 year old child.